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List of GALILEO experiments

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Experiments performed with the GALILEO array at LNL

Results from experiments colored in blue have been published. Green indicates that they are published as a Master of PhD thesis.
Experiments are listed in inverse chronological order:

Experiment number Spokesperson Title Devices Status
20.04 A.Gottardo and D.Verney Lifetime measurements in 83Se GALILEO PLUNGER TRACE Approved
20.07 S.Ziliani Near-threshold states in 11B via 6Li+6Li GALILEO TRACE LABR Approved
20.10 D.Doherty, N.Marchini and M.Zielinska Coulomb Excitation of 96Zr GALILEO SPIDER Approved
18.10 J.F.Smith and D.Mengoni Octupole shape transitions in the thorium isotopes GALILEO EUCLIDES RFD Approved
18.18 M.Matejska-Minda Lifetime on 42Ca and 42Ti GALILEO EUCLIDES RFD Approved
18.09 P.Bednarczyk Recoil Filter Detector at GALILEO GALILEO EUCLIDES RFD Approved
18.05 C.Fransen and C.Mueller-Gatermann Lifetime studies in neutron-deficient 174W using the RDDS technique GALILEO + Cologne/LNL Plunger GALILEO EUCLIDES PLUNGER Approved
18.08 K.Hadynska-Klek, A.Nannini and M.Rocchini Coulomb Excitation of 58Ni: Collectivity Near the Doubly Magic 56Ni Nucleus GALILEO SPIDER Performed: 2020_w06
19.09 P.Napiorkowski, A.Nannini and M.Rocchini Coulomb excitation of 130Xe GALILEO SPIDER Performed: 2019_w31
19.13 K.Hadynska, G.Lotay and D.Testov Study of the 34Cl(p,g)35Ar reaction GALILEO EUCLIDES Performed: 2019_w30
18.12 S.Leoni and B.Fornal Preparatory study of the population of narrow resonances in 19O by using the fusion reaction 13C(7Li,p)19O and the TRACE setup GALILEO TRACE Performed: 2019_w28
19.22 V.Werner, P.R.John and J.Wiederhold Lifetime studies in neutron-deficient 170W using RDDS Galileo+Cologne/LNL Plunger GALILEO Performed: 2019_w26
18.01 A.Gottardo, J.J.Valiente-Dobon and A.Goasduf Lifetime measurement in 105Sn GALILEO EUCLIDES Performed: 2018_w47
18.02 M.Saxena, M.Siciliano and A.Illana-Sison Multistep Coulomb excitation in 116Sn GALILEO SPIDER Performed: 2018_w44 and 2020_w07
17.12 H.Q.Zhang and G.L.Zhang 6Li+209Bi system for the study of ICF, transfer reaction channel GALILEO EUCLIDES Performed: 2018_w19
17.08 D.Doherty, M.Rocchini and M.Zielinska Coulomb Excitation of 94Zr GALILEO SPIDER Performed: 2018_w08
16.20 A.Gadea, J.J.Valiente-Dobon and V.Modamio Test of the 3He Target GALILEO NEUTRONWALL EUCLIDES Performed: 2017_w51
16.21 C.Petrache Ba130 High K bands GALILEO NEUTRONWALL EUCLIDES Performed: 2017_w11
16.30 J.F.Smith and D.Mengoni Spectroscopy of 218Ra GALILEO NEUTRONWALL EUCLIDES Performed: 2017_w09
16.02 J.J.Valiente Dobon and A.Gadea Octupole correlations in 118Ba GALILEO NEUTRONWALL EUCLIDES Performed: 2016_w49
16.01 D.Testov Lifetime measurement above 108Sn GALILEO NEUTRONWALL EUCLIDES PLUNGER Performed: 2016_w46 and 2016_w49
16.14 V.Modamio Lifetime measurement in 65Ga using (d,p) reaction in inverse kinematics GALILEO NEUTRONWALL PLUNGER Performed: 2016_w29
16.16 K.Hadynska and M.Rocchini SPIDER commissioning GALILEO NEUTRONWALL SPIDER Performed: 2016_w28
16.17 S.Leoni and B.Fornal Identification performance of TRACE GALILEO TRACE Performed: 2016_w27
16.05 H.Q.Zhang and G.L.Zhang Cross-section measurement ICF vs CF using Li induced reaction GALILEO EUCLIDES NEUTRONWALL Performed: 2016_w25
16.04 S.Ceruti, A.Mentana and M.Ciemala ISOMIX in 60Zn - LaBr commissioning GALILEO EUCLIDES NEUTRONWALL LABR Performed: 2016_w23 and 2018_w50
15.22 P.R.John and M.Siciliano Lifetime measurement in 188 and 190Hg GALILEO NEUTRONWALL PLUNGER Performed: 2016_w11 and 2016_w30
15.28 C.Fransen and A.Goasduff Plunger Commissioning GALILEO NEUTRONWALL SOLAR-CELLS PLUNGER Performed: 2016_w06
15.20 J.Smith and G.Jaworski Spectroscopy around 116Ba GALIELO EUCLIDES NEUTRONWALL Performed: 2015_w50
15.29 D.Mengoni and V.Modamio Shape Coexistence in 60Zn GALILEO EUCLIDES NEUTRONWALL Performed: 2015_w44 and 2016_w19
15.24 A.Boso MED in 31S and 31P GALILEO EUCLIDES NEUTRONWALL Performed: 2015_w43 and 2016_w09
15.13 C.Andreoiu Exploring states in 34Ar GALILEO EUCLIDES NEUTRONWALL Performed: 2015_w41
15.05 D.Mengoni GALILEO Commissioning GALILEO Performed: 2015_w30
14.04 J.J.Valiente - Dobon, D.Mengoni and F.Recchia GALILEO Commissioning GALILEO Performed: 2015_w11

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