Gamma Spectroscopy Group
INFN- Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro

View of the GALILEO array coupled to Neutron Wall

The Gamma Spectroscopy group performs nuclear structure studies using the PIAVE-ALPI-TANDEM accelerators of the Legnaro National Laboratory, and high-resolution Ge arrays coupled to different ancillary detectors.

The physics program includes the following topics:

Currently, the GALILEO array is being employed, and preparations are being made to host the AGATA array. Some of the ancillary devices which can be coupled to GALILEO are:

The group has a well-established expertise in nuclear spectroscopy with high-resolution gamma-arrays. Since the first experiments performed in the 90s, the group has hosted GASP, EUROBALL, CLARA, as well as the first stage of the last-generation European gamma-array, the AGATA demonstrator.

Aerial view of the
coupled to the n-Ring
View of the AGATA demonstrator
mounted at LNL